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Jan 6, 2020 Insurrection at the Capitol in Washington DC

22 Former GOP Lawmakers Say Put Country over Party and Impeach President Trump in Letter to Congress

As former Republican Members of Congress, we strongly encourage you to fulfill your constitutional duty to uphold the integrity of the legislative branch and protect American democracy by impeaching President Donald J. Trump.

JANUARY 11, 2021 | Originally published through Pogo

Dear Members of Congress,

As former Republican Members of Congress, we strongly encourage you to fulfill your constitutional duty to uphold the integrity of the legislative branch and protect American democracy by impeaching President Donald J. Trump.

As you were convened to oversee the counting of the electoral college votes on January 6, 2021, the American people watched together in horror when armed protestors stormed the U.S. Capitol Building. Even more horrific was the involvement of President Trump appearing to direct and encourage the protestors. On December 19, 2020, President Trump tweeted, “Big Protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

Then, while addressing the crowd shortly before the attack, President Trump told protestors to “walk down to the Capitol”, and that “you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.” On top of that, in the video clip he issued hours after the siege began urging the rioters to retreat, President Trump told them, “We love you, you’re very special.

As former President George W. Bush said, “this is how election results are disputed in a banana republic — not our democratic republic.” For more than 200 years, the peaceful transfer of power has been one of the pillars of American government. Sadly, this tradition has been severely tarnished.

There is no excuse for nor defense of a President of the United States to actively orchestrate an insurrection on a separate but coequal branch of government. Surely, the Founders would be sickened by the thought of such actions. As members of the branch that was under attack — not just politically, but physically — you must remove the president from office. Congress must send a strong and clear message not just to this president but to future presidents that this type of behavior will not be tolerated or accepted. Franky, the message also needs to be made clear to the American people that there is no place in politics for political violence.

While President Trump is scheduled to leave office on January 20, Congress should still stand up for itself and the Constitution. Knowing the president will be leaving office in less than two weeks should not be an excuse for not impeaching. In fact, the House of Representatives could still impeach President Trump after he leaves office. Doing so could help pave the way to prevent him from serving in any other federal elective or appointive office.

Other than declaring war, the decision to remove a sitting President of the United States from office is likely the biggest decision you will face in your time in Congress. As it is, our Founders had the insight to know that this may at times be necessary. Unfortunately, it’s now necessary. During our entire careers we upheld the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States. We took our oaths of office and our obligations to the American People very seriously, and we urge you to do the same. It’s time, once and for all, to put country over party.


The undersigned former Members

Mary Bono
U.S. House of Representatives (R-CA), 1998–2013

Tom Campbell
U.S. House of Representatives (R-CA), 1995–2001

Rodney Chandler
U.S. House of Representatives (R-WA), 1983–1993

Tom Coleman
U.S. House of Representatives (R-MO), 1976–1993

Barbara Comstock
U.S. House of Representatives (R-VA), 2015–2019

Charlie Dent
U.S. House of Representatives (R-PA), 2005–2018

Charles Djou
U.S. House of Representatives (R-HI), 2010–2011

David Durenberger
U.S Senate (R-MN), 1978–1995

Mickey Edwards
U.S. House of Representatives (R-OK), 1977–1993

Wayne Gilchrest
U.S. House of Representatives (R-MD), 1991–2009

James C. Greenwood
U.S. House of Representatives (R-PA), 1993–2005

Bob Inglis
U.S. House of Representatives (R-SC), 1993–1999 and 2005–2011

David Jolly
U.S. House of Representatives (R-FL), 2014–2017

Gordon J. Humphrey
U.S. Senate (R-NH), 1979–1990

Steven Kuykendall
U.S. House of Representatives (R-CA), 1999–2001

John LeBoutillier
U.S. House of Representatives (R-NY), 1981–1983

Mike Parker
U.S. House of Representatives (R-MS), 1989–1999

Claudine Schneider
U.S. House of Representatives (R-RI), 1981–1991

Joe Schwarz
U.S. House of Representatives (R-MI), 2005–2007

Peter Smith
U.S. House of Representatives (R-VT), 1989–1991

Alan Steelman
U.S. House of Representatives (R-TX), 1973–1977

Peter G. Torkildsen
U.S. House of Representatives (R-MA), 1993–1997

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