A Newspaper Ad Warned About A Bomb in Nashville Last Summer

A far-right group purchased an ad warning about a “Bible prophecy” this past June. It featured President Trump and warned of a coming civil war and an explosion in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Image from Metro Nashville PD

A bomb detonated in Nashville, Tennessee early this morning. Police responded to shots fired and found an RV playing a loud warning that stated the vehicle was going to explode. It injured three people who were taken to the hospital, though none were in critical condition. The blast zone left behind is a sight most Americans have only seen in the news happening in other countries.

Whatever the intention, it seems more likely to be a warning or possibly an act intended to influence how the public feels about current events. This past June, an ad ran in a Tennessee newspaper that warned of a bomb linked to Islamic extremists, though the ad offered no supporting evidence. The ad editor for the paper was fired shortly after, but the context raises an eyebrow.

President Trump, Pope Francis, and a burning American flag featured in the ad purchased by a far-right group. They claimed it was a “Bible prophecy” that included Trump’s presidency and warned of a “civil war.”

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Clipping of the article from the New York Times coverage from this past June.

The Ministry of Future for America, which exists to “proclaim the final warning message” of the Bible, sponsored it. It’s unclear where their ideas about a bomb in Nashville originated. The Nashville explosion showed signs of significant premeditation and an effort to get people out of the area, suggesting the intention was to intimidate or to influence popular attitudes about many potentially related subjects.

While it’s unclear who is responsible and what they may hope to achieve, an investigation that starts with the group who purchased the ad seems wise.

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