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A Penny for Their Harm

What internal documents show about Facebook’s harm to children and what parents can do to protect them


“Just like Big Tobacco and vaping companies have done in years past, Meta chose to maximize its profits at the expense of public health, specifically harming the health of the youngest among us.”

Phil Weiser
Attorney General of Colorado


In October 2023, over 42 State Attorneys General filed lawsuits against Meta in the Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles. The lawsuits allege that Meta knowingly used features on Instagram and Facebook to maximize revenue with no regard for the negative mental health impact these platforms had on minors. The plaintiffs argue that these manipulative features led to teens developing an addiction to social media, resulting in depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, and, in severe cases, suicide.

The following month, November 2023, California Attorney General Rob Bonta released a new version of the complaint filed by 33 attorneys general, which revealed previously redacted information. The new filing indicated that Meta was aware millions of children under 13 were using their platform and still collected their data.



E. Rosalie

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