How’s the US Doing? We’re doing a little better than Mexico but worse than Iraq.

E. Rosalie
8 min readOct 25, 2020
Financial Times

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We’re doing a little better than Mexico but worse than Iraq, per capita — yes, it’s adjusted for our population. White House knows this too, given the 500-page report they haven’t shared with us.

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Remember when the US was a 1st world country? Those were fun times.

Iraq outperformed us in 90 days and struggles with serious societal obstacles. It has done better than us. What’s the plan here? Show everyone we know what we’re doing becoming a failed state?

We learned this past week that countries following scientific recommendations (some same scientists advising the US advised other countries that listened and are doing well. That may be the most infuriating thing I’ve ever witnessed) controlled spread enough to protect economies.

No, they’re not shut down, and no one is recommending something so ridiculous and obviously harmful. Yes, the locations that controlled this will see cases rise again, but the difference is the degree of that outbreak, how easily they can control it, and the impact it has on society.

Financial Times

Their kids are in school, and their lives are functional. Ours aren’t and that’s our choice. Do you feel free? Do you feel you’re doing well? If we had stayed closed for 2–4 more weeks, we might be more like developed countries with a functional society.

Instead, we threw out everything so we could open up a few weeks earlier, knowing we’d end up far worse.

E. Rosalie

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