List of Confirmed Bill Gates Fake News and Foreign Disinformation Campaigns

Confirmed foreign disinformation campaigns sourced from government-controlled media outlets outside the US.

A searchable version of the database depicted at the end of the article can be accessed here: Bill Gates Disinformation. Too many articles exist to include them all, but we’ve included a sampling.

Kremlin-backed outlet Russia Today has websites in nearly every language. About 80% to 90% of reporting from Russia Today-Sputnik News too-is of high quality and good reporting. That’s not an accident. It has to be, so when they run headlines like the ones you see here, that credibility they’ve shown you before transfers to misleading and fabricated content.

Our disinformers know us well; they know what worries us.

In case the article preview in the previous image intrigued you, here it is. Again, Russia Today. If these seem like the greatest hits of American meme culture, that’s not a coincidence.

BREAKING: Southfront, the-you guessed it-Kremlin-aligned website, is a kindly outlet that wants to protect you from nefarious microchips. That, or they know scientific and government-related conspiracy theories work best on Americans, and if enough people believe it, it will destroy us from the inside. One of those two.

Ah, yes, the forced vaccine shtick. We don’t have enough vaccines for healthcare workings and high-risk people. If you trust the Kremlin more than American medical doctors and scientists, that’s your choice, but they will likely give the dose to someone who does want it. That’s much more likely than anyone being forced.

Below you will find the comprehensive list. Feel free to seek out the articles at your own risk. You may encounter malware. If you’d like more information about specific articles listed, please visit the Hoaxlines database or EU Disinfo. Both have more information.

Know a story that we should add to our database?

Submit a misleading or false story.

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