Top three vaccine-related tweets show vaccine critics are far from censored

Top tweets included a tweet that was blatantly false, one that was misleading, and another promoting conspiracy beliefs.

E. Rosalie
3 min readDec 14, 2021


№1 most retweeted vaccine-related tweet

The most retweeted tweet from November 13 to December 12, 2021, came from user DrEliDavid. It contained misinformation about Israel requiring a 4th dose.

Hareetz reported on December 13, 2021, concerning a 4th dose:

The Health Ministry’s vaccination committee recommended overnight into Monday against administering a fourth vaccination to the general population, including immunocompromised people.


This tweet — in the context of this author’s past vaccine-related tweets — seems to imply that there is something abnormal about booster shots with a rapidly mutating virus. On Sept 23, this author said, “A reminder that Covid is not about science, it’s about compliance,” despite evidence to the contrary and booster shots being a normal part of vaccination.

Most vaccines require multiple doses initially and then regular booster shots, like the MMR and tetanus vaccines. This is because the immune response improves with more doses, not unlike our memory improving with more lessons. Boosters are predictable, but not because of a nefarious plot. Rather, it’s because we have the same immune systems we had before the pandemic.


The man, Bobby Bolin, referenced by user RobertKennedyJr suffered from COPA syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease. COPA syndrome typically causes arthritis and lung disease with the “striking feature,” pulmonary hemorrhage.

RobertKennedyJr framed the situation in a way that seems to say the vaccine caused the death without evidence. This is especially…



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