Two things: 1) one must demonstrate the bias--you cannot simply say it is and so it is. Feel free to share what aspects you feel were not reflecting of all the relevant facts. Simply because I reached a conclusion you dislike does not demonstrate bias.

2) I'm a conservative and my voting record shows that. What I am not, is someone who will compromise on ethical integrity, nor will I dismiss valid evidence. Nothing about the current Republican party is conservative or respectable today--not national security, not defunding our defense department, not withdrawing from human rights council, and certainly not the astronomical federal spending, which Penn Wharton demonstrated would stifle the economy long term by tacking on 6-7 trillion dollars by 2040. The party is little more than misleading constituents, poor policy, and a persecutorial complex.

As in keeping with my conservative stance, it is the right of a private business to dictate its terms of service.

Public health biologist studying at Johns Hopkins | Science writer & artist | Views reflect me alone | Subscribe @

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